Cooperative Conferences and Events

National Worker Cooperative Conference, June 22-24, 2012, Boston MA.

Community Development Credit Union Conference, June 13-16, Atlanta GA.

California Coop Conference, May 4-5, 2012, Oakland CA.

Cheeseboard Fundraiser for proposed WCFCU, March 11, 2012, Berkeley CA.

Western Worker Cooperative Conference, September 5-7, 2011, Breitenbush Hot Springs OR.

Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy, July 8-10, 2011 University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions, June 15-18, 2011, Hollywood CA.

California Cooperative Conference, April 8-9, 2011, Berkeley CA.

Community Development Credit Union Organizing Symposium, November 8, 2010, Oakland CA.

NCUA Credit Union Workshop, November 6, 2010, Los Angeles CA.

Western Region CDCU/LICU Roundtable, Nov 1, 2010 San Francisco CA.

2010 National Worker Cooperative Conference, August 6-9, 2010, Berkeley CA.

US Social Forum, June 22-26, 2010, Detroit MI.

California Coop Conference, April 9-10, 2010, Santa Rosa CA.

Cutting Edge Capital Raising for Small Businesses, Katovich Law, Nov 19, 2009, Berkeley CA.

Valley Alliance of Worker Cooperatives October 28, 2009, in Amherst MA.

NCUA Credit Union Workshop, Oct 3, 2009, in Los Angeles CA.

Western Worker Cooperative Conference, September 7-10, 2009 in Breitenbush HotSprings, Or

California Co-op Conference, August15-16, 2009 in San Francisco, CA.

Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy,  July 31-August 2, 2009 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Worker Cooperative Development Training, July 14, 16, 20, 23 online.

National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions conference, June 13-19, 2009 in Phoenix, AZ.

National Worker Cooperative Conference June 19-22, 2008 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

CooperationWorks! April 14-18, 2008 in Madison, Wisconsin.

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