Eligible Housing Cooperatives

If you are a member of one of the following housing cooperatives, you are included in the proposed “Worker Cooperative Federal Credit Union” field of membership. This is a list of current NASCO members as of February 2011.

Assiniboia Community Housing Co-op – Edmonton, AB
Berkeley Student Cooperative – Berkeley, CA
Bloomington Cooperative Living – Bloomington, IN
Boston Community Co-op – Boston & Dorchester, MA
Boulder Housing Coalition – Boulder, CO
Brown Association of Cooperative Housing – Providence, RI
CHEA/Sasona – Austin, TX
College Houses – Austin, TX
Collegiate Living Organization – Gainesville, FL
Commonwealth Terrace Cooperative – St. Paul, MN
Cooperative Memphis – Memphis, TN
Cooperative Roots – Berkeley, CA
COUCH – Urbana, IL
Ella Baker Co-op – Washington, DC
HAUS – Houston, TX
Inter Cooperative Council at University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, MI
Inter Cooperative Council at University of Texas – Austin, TX
Kalamazoo Collective Housing – Kalamazoo, MI
Kent Cooperative Housing – Kent, OH
Life Center Association – Philadelphia, PA
Madison Community Cooperative – Madison, WI
McCarthy Co-op – Appleton, WI
Montie House Co-op – East Lansing, MI
MOSAIC – Evanston, IL
MSU Student Housing Cooperative – East Lansing, MI
Nickel City Housing Co-op – Buffalo, NY
Oberlin Student Cooperative Association – Oberlin, OH
Portland Collective Housing – Portland, OR
Qumbya Housing Co-op – Chicago, IL
Riverton Community Housing – Minneapolis, MN
Santa Barbara Student Housing Cooperative – Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Cruz Student Housing Co-op – Santa Cruz, CA
Sherwood – Seattle, WA
Solar Community Housing – Davis, CA
Stewart Little Co-op – Ithaca, NY
Stone Soup – Chicago, IL
Student Cooperative Association – Eugene, OR
Student Cooperative Organization – Athens, OH
Students Co-op Inc. – Minneapolis, MN
UC Davis Tri-Coops – Davis, CA
UK Student Housing Association – Lawrence, KS
Wash House – Brooklyn, NY
WCRI – Waterloo, ON
West Philly Collective Housing – Philadelphia, PA
Whitehall – Austin, TX

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