Eligible Worker Cooperatives

If you are a member of one of the following worker cooperatives, you are included in the proposed “Worker Cooperative Federal Credit Union ” field of membership. The list included current USFWC and NoBAWC members as of February 2011.

924 Gilman Street Project (CA)
AK Press (CA)
Alvarado Street Bakery (CA)
Arizmendi Bakery Oakland (CA)
Association of Arizmendi Cooperatives (CA)
Berkeley Free Clinic (CA)
BioFuel Oasis (CA)
Black Star Coop (TX)
Blue Scorcher Bakery (OR)
Bound Together Bookstore (CA)
Box Dog Bikes (CA)
C4: Cyberspace Central Computer Consultants (LA)
Cheese Board (CA)
City Art Gallery (CA)
Citybikes Workers Cooperative (OR)
Collective Copies (MA)
Community Builders Cooperative (MA)
Cooperative Care of Wisconsin (WI)
Cooperative Development Institute (MA)
Cricket Courier Cooperative (CA)
Cupid Courier Collective (CA)
Design Action Collective (CA)
Dollars and Sense magazine (MA)
Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy (US – NE)
Ecology Action of Texas (TX)
Electric Embers (CA)
Equal Exchange (MA)
Firestorm Cafe & Books (NC)
Friends of the Third World Cooperative Trading (IN)
Gaia Host Collective (MA)
GEO – Grassroots Economic Organizing (US)
Green Worker Cooperatives (NY)
Heartwood Cooperative Woodshop (CA)
ICA-Group (MA)
Inkworks Press (CA)
Interpreters Cooperative of Madison (WI)
Isthmus Engineering and Manufacturing (WI)
Juice Bar Collective (CA)
Just Coffee Cooperative (WI)
Quilted (CA)
Liberation Ink (CA)
Local Enterprise Assistance Fund – LEAF (MA)
Local Sprouts Cooperative (ME)
Lusty Lady (CA)
Mandela Foods Cooperative (CA)
Mariposa Food Co-op (PA)
Market Street Cooperative (CA)
Maybeck High School (CA)
Missing Link Bicycle Co-operative (CA)
Mission Asset Fund (CA)
Modern Times Bookstore (CA)
Monkeywrench Books (TX)
Nabolom Bakery (CA)
Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives (NoBAWC) (CA)
Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund (MN)
Other Avenues Food Store (CA)
Ownership Appalachia, LLC (NC)
Partnerships for People/Breaking Barriers (NJ)
Pedal Express (CA)
Pedal People Cooperative (MA)
Pelham Industrial Group (MA)
People’s Food Cooperative (OR)
Pioneer Valley Photovoltaics – PV Squared (MA)
Points of Distribution (CA)
Quilted (CA)
Radical Designs (CA)
Rainbow Grocery Cooperative (CA)
Red and Black Cafe (OR)
Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse (MD)
Red Sun Press (MA)
Red Vic Movie House (CA)
Ronin Tech Collective (VT)
San Diego Day Laborers Association (CA)
San Diego Day Laborers Association (CA)
Seward Childcare Center (MN)
SF Community Land Trust (CA)
South Mountain Company (MA)
Stumptown Printers (OR)
Suigetsukan Martial Arts School (CA)
Teamworks Cooperative Network (CA)
Tech Collective (CA)
The Hub Bike Co-op (MN)
Third Coast Workers for Cooperation (TX)
Toxic Soil Busters Co-op (MA)
Tribe Creative Agency (TX)
Unicorns Collective (OR)
Union Cab of Madison Cooperative (WI)
Valley Alliance of Worker Cooperatives (MA)
Web Collective (WA)
Woodshanti Cooperative (CA)
Workers Diner (NY)

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